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Your carpet has lost its softness and vivid colors? If you wish to feel the pleasant experience of a clean and fresh carpet under your feet again, our carpet cleaners North London have the perfect solution. Our cleaners have spent many years in the field, and they have the knowledge and expertise to restore any carpet or rug to its previous good state. No other company in the area cleans carpets as we do it – do not hesitate to call us if your upholstery or carpet needs an immediate and effective cleaning. We will take care of your carpets using proven techniques and methods. Our local team always works hard to provide fresh-smelling and perfectly clean carpets at a very reasonable price.

Regular vacuuming is not enough to remove hidden dirt and bacteria on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning services provide more thorough treatment, while taking care to protect the delicate fabrics. We offer effective carpet cleaning services to corporate and residential clients, all done in a professional manner. Our carpet cleaners are true experts in providing the right method to rugs of different types, whether it is made of synthetic, sensitive or other material. They are always on time, fully equipped with professional carpet cleaning machines and effective shampoos. Using the most powerful detergents available they will effectively remove any difficult stains, such as stains from oil, strawberry juice, coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate, blood, grease and even gum. Be sure that our team will apply the most effective method which is protective to the colors and fibers of the carpet. We will even move all your furniture to ensure that all carpeted areas are thoroughly cleaned and completely refreshed.

Steam cleaning method is capable to restore very soiled carpets and provide lasting results – if you own a rug or carpet which is made of natural fibers, the best way to remove greasy and food stains. This method only uses the power of hot water to deeply extract any dirt, mud and bacteria. Steam cleaning is also suitable for cleaning upholstery and fabrics in your home, providing fresh and spotless results. With our most innovative technique and effective procedures we can guarantee the duration of the cleanliness and protection against spills in the future. Our carpet cleaning experts can also give you professional pieces of advices on the preventative applications available to ensure a longer lasting life of your carpets and rugs.

With a long cleaning practice behind, our carpet cleaners in North London are able to choose which method could achieve the most effective result, while protecting fibres of shrinking and damaging. If you own an expensive rug made of very delicate material we will offer you professional dry carpet cleaning. We use special compound and no water to effectively remove all grime, leaving rugs almost dry and free of odor and stains.

Our professional carpet cleaning is the best way to maintain the perfect hygienic environment in your home or office. This service is also essential if you have small children or meet different people in your office. A professionally cleaned carpet is healthier and prevents your family from different respiratory problems. We recommend you a thorough deep carpet cleaning at least three times a year to rest assured that all dust mites and dirt are completely removed. Additionally our professional thorough cleaning will make your carpet more visually pleasing and potentially longer lasting.

Employing our qualified carpet cleaners you’ll enjoy many additional benefits and discounts, too. Our company can offer the following:

Dry and steam carpet cleaning – these methods are the most recommended by all carpet manufacturers, for regular care as well as for deep cleaning.

Reliable office carpet cleaning, at competitive prices

Our North London carpet cleaners are fully vetted, licensed and insured

Flexible appointment slots – you can make an appointment at a time that best suits your full schedule and personal needs

We offer considerable discounts if combine carpet cleaning with other service

For further information about our methods and local carpet cleaners, visit our reviews page.

Book carpet cleaning in North London by calling 020 3404 0400! Our polite team is available 24/7 and provides free no-obligation quotes on our carpet cleaning services. Alternatively, you can place an order through our direct booking form.